Do you love reading mysteries but sometimes not have the time to squeeze in another novel? What if you could read bite-sized “quick mysteries” whenever you had a spare few minutes — sitting in a waiting room, on the train to work, or during your lunch break perhaps?

That’s what you’ll find here at QuickMystery.com.

The Quick Mystery blog features a collection of micro-mysteries, flash fiction, and short stories from mystery writer, Aria Klein. That’s me. *waves*

This is how stories are grouped on this site:

  • Micro-mysteries: up to 100 words
  • Flash fiction: 101 – 1000 words
  • Short stories: 1001+ words
  • Mysteries for kids: Stories, of any length, that are written about and for children. These will all be family-friendly (no murder, no major violence, no sex, etc.).

Stories published on this site are in a rough format — no professional editing, sometimes minor revisions of my own, but often in first draft form. These stories are opportunities for me to play with new ideas and see what resonates with readers like you, taking on stories I might not otherwise be able to pursue.

My hope is that you’ll enjoy them and that some of these quick mysteries might later be refined into a collection or inspire longer stories, or even books, of their own.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to share your thoughts or suggest types of mysteries you’d like to see that aren’t already available on the blog.